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Department of Linguistics a. Unraveling the secrets of language as a tool for personality growth and expression. b. Unearthing the Unity in Diverse languages and their structure. c. Grammar and Logic as the base of linguistics studies. Department of Arts and Culture a. Research into the Holistic approaches in arts, music, dance, drama, etc and the contributions of yoga and spiritual lore in their formation and growth giving inputs to modern culture. b. Studies to understand the role of Soaasa Samskaras in the evolution of human being towards the ultimate goal of human fulfillment or Perfection called Moksa. c. Understanding the dimensions involved in rebirth, and such other esoteric dimensions of our culture. Department of History, Anthropology, Sociology and Politics a. Investigations to unravel the ancient history of India and its linkages with other contemporary civilizations in our globe. b. Anthropological studies to unearth the civilizations to understand the hidden dimensions of philosophy and its applications to life at that time. c. The usefulness of festivals as social transformation processes. d. Investigations into the concept of ideal social orders as evolved in yoga and spiritual lore (as for example the consciousness studies) and its usefulness in the modern scenario.

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